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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 23, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> let's get down to business, that is great. freezing rain across the area, dense fog advisory until 12 noon and gradually improving forecast. a few hours until the coast is clear. light freezing fog, a little light drizzle to the north and west, frederick, reports of very light freezing rain. it continues temperatures north and west of 95, still at or below freezing, out to the west, that rain, will get in here late they are afternoon, it will warm the atmosphere. rain showers arrive later temperatures should be in the mid-40s. dense fog advisory, visibility a quarter mile or legears that washington and counties in grey until 12 noon and again visibility, should be north and west of the city less than a quarter mile that could be a problem for you. temperatures are critical, 33 washington 32 dulles,
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frederick, 31 degrees here in northwest washington, 31 degrees, hagerstown 30. much of the area, not at or above freezing but later today there is a quick look at your 5 day we should be mid-40s with rain showers more details on the forecast. back to you upstairs. thanks. well, another commuter alert, metro is extending its morning services to accommodate weather delays i see we have our julie wright in that box let's go to julie now good morning sorry about that. >> extended service extended waistline we got the whole thing. >> you are adorable. >> this is what i know, talking about metro, we are participating -- anticipating a rough commute because of the weather and fog it is lingering, this happens to be the belt way georgia avenue. problems not on the belt way but those coming out of damascus, over turned truck,
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leaking fuel, this will tie up traffic, hawkins road, so again this caution of hawkins, road remains blocked off each direction for those of you coming out of damascus. that live shot 270, if you can, bailout early, alternate route, north to south making your way out toward it is lane decide. inner loop of the belt way below speed, leaving an non- dale to 66 a 20 minute ride up the west side. thank you federal government offices will open to the public at 11:00 a.m., federal workers, will be granted, an excused absence. they have the option for unscheduled leave or telework for the entire work day. drivers are urged to take it slow. our own stacey cohan is live with how things stand. improving conditions? >> it was better than we had expected that is always good news it is nice to be prepared
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for the worst and have a pleasant experience in the morning out here in arlington, roads have been mostly wet earlier in the morning we had light mist and there is always black ice difficult to tell what you are driving over caution is the best plan of action. all of the crews, were prepared we saw many trucks out on the roadways today, prepared to treat the roads in case we had an icy slick morning there were some school systems delayed as you mentioned federal government delayed start of their work way, they did that last night proactively to avoid confusion if you are a federal government worker now is the time after 9:00 a.m. is when you can get on the road and go ahead and head into work federal government offices, open to the public 11:00 a.m. this morning, so in the meantime it seems like it was a relatively smoother morning than we had expected, but good rehearsal because we still have a lot of winter ahead of us. i am live in arlington back to you guys.
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>> very unfortunate and true thank you so much. taking a look at our top stories, search is on in prince georges county for the man who tried to take an officers gun. officers responded to a domestic violence call early sunday morning, heating street, temple hill. police say 30-year-old joseph quorum, threw a punch at an officer he was pepper sprayed and tasered but kept reaching for an officers gun. the car has been found, quorum has not been found. john hinckly junior is due back in court, a hearing to determine whether he can be released from a psychiatric hospital. thousands of protestors expected to pack the national
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mall for annual march for life. abortion opponents, gather each anniversary for roe v wade. it will close down a number of streets, john boehner is scheduled to address the crowd. president obama, gearing up for tomorrow's big state of the union speech he is expected to outline an economic blueprint built around manufacturing, energy, education. white house says he will propose new ideas to try to get the wealthy to pay more taxes. >> mitt romney is having a change of heart. the former massachusetts governor says he is releasing his tax returns after losing the south carolina primary tonight gingrich. given all the attention focused on tax returns, given the distraction that i think they became, in these last couple weeks, look, i am going to make it clear to you right now chris i will release my tax
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returns for 2010, which is the last returns that were completed i will do that on tuesday. romney says he also plans to release an estimate of his 2011 returns tomorrow. next up for candidates florida primary which is a week from tuesday. recent polls show romney with a solid lead in the sunshine state but his rivals will have another chance to make up ground when the candidates face off in another debate, tonight. >> plans to hold a special election are under way in arizona after congress woman gabrielle giffords announced herres ignition the news left many saddened by her departure but delighted in her progress of recovering from her injuries. >> i will step down this week. in a video message to constituents, gabrielle giffords says she will resign from congress. she says she is stepping down to focus on her recovery from wounds, suffered when she was
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shot in the head last january, outside a tucson supermarket while meeting area residents. >> i have more work to do. on my recovery. so, to do what is best for arizona,. >> some arizonans are expressing strong emotions about her departure from office. >> it is a sad day >> i am very admiring of what she has gone through and her tenacity and her intelligence. >> makes you feel kind of sad about the whole thing, what happened to her, left her without the career that she put so much into for so long. >> despite her move to resign congress woman giffords vows her career in public service has not come to an end. i will return and we will work together for arizona and this great country. >> those who know giffords well say her work as a congress
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woman is unmatched. >> two people have the ability to reach across party lines and get things done the way gabby giffords can. >> she will give her letter of resignation later this week. >> a sad morning for penn state as they continue to mourn joe paterno's death. thousands have come together holding vigils to honor the legendary coach. paterno who was the most successful coach in history, died yesterday morning from lung cancer, two months after being fired amid-the child sex abuse scandal that rocked penn state. still the university is working on plans to commemorate his life and career he was 85 years old. >> giants and patriots heading to indy for super bowl 46. >> new england opened as a 3 point favorite in las vegas,
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sports book officials say an injury to patriots tight end, could swing the line down to 1 point. pats were 12 point favorites when they met the giants in super bowl 4 years ago, new york ended up winning that one 17-14. coming up, handwriting versus typing on a computer. why learning to write is important for your child's brain. >> severe storms ripped through the south as cars have a rough time dealing with wintery conditions to our west. a look at this mornings headlines after the break right now it is 9:09 a.m. 
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making headlines, severe wait inner parts of the south and midwest -- weather in parts of the south and midwest have turned deadly. this is caught by storm chasers
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in arkansas, tornado watch was in effect in at least six states including alabama this morning storms brought hail and strong winds, storms are being blamed for two deaths in birmingham alabama. >> dangers of driving in horrible weather caught on camera. drivers in utah losing control of vehicles thanks to icy road conditions despite driving slowly, the cars are all slipping and sliding down this residential road. the video, which is tens of thousands of hits on youtube, is a reminder for drivers to be extra cautious, during bad weather. silver spring woman and her daughter are waking up back home in maryland this morning one week after surviving that horrific cruise ship crash. she took her daughter on the cruise to celebrate her graduation from university of maryland. she can't swim and reportedly told her caught fehr they had to jump into the water -- told
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her taughter if they had to jump into the water, she should swim and leave her. smithsonian institution has a new leader, france doe have a takes over as -- cordova as chairwoman. she is an astro face cyst who worked as -- physicist who worked as chief scientist at nasa. if you have a child in school you know learning how to write is increasingly sharing same time with learning how to type and use a tablet computer. today, in dc educators are meeting for a handwriting summit. what is the future of the written word in the age of digital media. dr. karen james from department of psychology at indiana university joins us from the museum where the summit is taking place good morning. >> good morning. >> that summit already opened are there still spaces if the
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public wants to come down >> i think there are. no, there aren't. sorry. >> this just in, no, there aren't. >> but it is going on kicks off at 9 today. tell us why this is needed and about this summit in general. >> it is needed to increase awareness, of about what is happening in the school system, research going on, that look into handwriting and how handwriting is really important for development and cognitive and important for our school system. what is going on in the schools now i have three elementary aged students i know what is happening in my neck of the woods but nationally what is happening with handwriting and learning how to write and write cursive and good printing what is happening currently? >> well, it seems like, in general, things might move towards at least teachers having the option of teaching
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handwriting more or less in their curriculum we might see it, dropped out of some school systems, and in some held on to. tell me about research that deals with the relationship between handwriting and brain activity? >> um, well, my research is on preschool children mostly we do -- we image their brains, while they are doing things and looking at thingchildren who practice handwriting, their brains are set up, or looked more like the literal adult or older child where as children who don't learn letters and words by handwriting their brains look very different, so if we can use mural activity as a marker to what is going to happen in learning ability we can say yeah, writing seems to make a big difference to how a child's brain is developing. >> some other topics, i know that your area is what you were
9:17 am
talking about, that preschool aged child but also, there have been studies to show, that basically, the relationship of how fast you write, transcription speed, leads to how you are going to do on tests and basically how your mind is going to operate when it comes to these markers, like test taking, sadly, that sort of determines where you will be placed in school. this has also a big huge marker effect basically if you will, on how you will do on tests can you talk about that a little bit. >> well, my research doesn't address those sorts of questions, but from what i understand yes, there does seem to be a big effect of flew weensy and being able to wright -- flew enski and being able to write by hand we just heard some body speak how in your quality of handwriting, it influences how other people perceive your writing in terms of quality. >> so interesting.
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before we let you go, your work, your area of concentration has been, widely publicized in wall street journal, the los angeles times, national public radio, when you visit these media outlets, what is the headline here that you are trying to get to educators, parents, to kids? um, well, what i would like to see happen is that for one thing brain imaging can tell us a lot about cognitive development and development in general. that is the first thing the other thing we can really see changes in the brain that rely on how a child or how an adult learns things and so, it is important to look at these markers to discover, things that are leading to optimal per poor mans and cognitive development -- performance and cognitive development in children. specific research is showing that fine motor skills,
9:19 am
like writing and printing are really important for brain development and cognitive in general. >> so interesting, dr. james will present this 10:30 a.m., museum hopefully you have gotten a ticket if not we apologize that is sold out but we are glad people are interested for sure thank you there are joining us. thank you. interesting right? >> yeah,. >> coming up frederick county family gets a science lesson after they make an unusual discovery in their christmas tree. plus. >> going to take a long time to get over it. >> maryland family still searching for answers after that puppy right there, heidi was shot and killed how that tragedy prompted a lawmaker to draft a bill to punish animal abusers. >> first we will check in with annie yu. >> good morning so all morning long we have been dabbling in fun activities on ice and here at tucker road ice rink they offer figure skating, bumper cars on ice really neat program
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called, give it a shot and it is a fun way for your kid to get introductory course to hockey. all they need to do is come out here and give it a shot we will learn about that coming up stay with us. thank you. first here is today's trivia question, what part of the human body is the branock device used to measure hand, foot, waist or brain head to our facebook page, fox 5 morning news is back after the break, it is 9:20 a.m. these are the crescents you lolove on a holiday.
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a frederick family gets a post christmas surprise. the children found hundreds of praying mantis not knowing where they came from the family took flashlights to search the home and found a nest at the
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bottom of their tree. >> really. >> instead of putting them outside to die the family decided to keep them as pets and learn a thing or two about the insects. we kind of made it educational for the kids, we made terrariums, researched what they ate and how to give them an environment to help them grow. >> the family plans to release the bugs into the wild when it gets a little warmer. isn't that nice. seems like a nice family that could do that. >> lawmaker in maryland, proposing legislation to publicly embarrass those found guilty of animal abuse. >> under ronald young's plan an animal abuse registry would list names and addresses of those convicted of animal abuse in future. the bill is called heidi's law. matt tells us why. >> reporter: she was a puppy who loved to play, heidi, a golden retriever was shot and killed, earlier this month, in middle town maryland.
9:25 am
>> it is going to fake a long time to get -- take a long time to get over it. >> reporter: she has been heartbroken since she found her dead in a field near her home. although there is an $8,000 reward, no one has been arrested. >> this is a vicious, senseless killing. >> reporter: state senator, young, says it is time to do more to punish and embarrass those who abuse animals. >> it is an indication of a problem. >> reporter: just like a sex offender registry, senator young would like to create another registry for those found guilty of animal abuse in the state of maryland. their names, and addresses would be there, forever one to see. >> i hope it might stop some body from doing it, but if it doesn't do that, at least people know, who and where they are. >> this has been public outrage and an outpouring of support since heidi was killed. >>
9:26 am
>> i get, cards without an address or anything i get them. >> she would support any law that could prevent what happened to heidi. >> absolutely it makes people think twice. >> senator young says he does not thing this new registry, will cost maryland tax payers, any extra money, in fact, as part of his plan, he believes an offender should pay $50 a year to keep the site up and running. in frederick county, matt hack lynn, fox 5 news. ravens fans left in disbelief as the team shot at the super bowl went to the left of the ghoul post. ray rice -- goal post. >> ray rice responds to the negativity that surfaced next. >> dr. oz turns to a virginia doctor to talk about gastric bypass surgery. the doctor joins us live to explain how this surgery can explain type two diabetes, we will be right back
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super bowl 46, ravens and 49ers, sorry, new england stamp their ticket, beating the ravens, 23-20. is it a touchdown? knocked out of his hand. baltimore blew two chances end of the game. evans couldn't secure what would have been a game winning touchdown. moments later, a 32-yard field goal missed that would have tied the game. ray rice took to facebook hartely after and said he was -- shortly after and said he was proud of his team and he posted this one more thing games consist of 60 minutes, not 20 seconds before you start bashing my kicker let me say this is a team sport win or lose, so if you want to be negative keep it to yourself. >> if only people could do
9:31 am
that. what a wonderful world it would be >> i will be negative. >> first patriot, facing giantsuper bowl. ely manning threw three touchdowns, defense played another solid game. williams, fumbled a punt for san francisco in ot. five plays later, giants kicker, kicked a game winning field goal from 31-yards out remember it is a team that loses not the one guy who fumbles the ball. >> not just 60 seconds. >> twice. >> yeah. >> twice. >> yeah. >> fumbled it twice. >> et was eerie because you know, ravens get -- this is a 32-yarder and giants kicker make as 31-yarder to win the game. >> i know we can't replay, the missed 32-yarder but did you see how far that ball had to go, like this to miss. >> yeah. >> goal post. >> you know. >> but tucker was it windy
9:32 am
>> god had taken the ball. >> they shanked it. obviously his nerves got the best of him. >> is that what happened? >> probably let's say this baltimore had a great year. >> great season. >> your -- you know, seconds away from a super bowl appearance. it was a great year. >> great year. >> great football year. >> best part, both games were fun to watch. >> look how far your teammate. >> i don't know if super bowl will be fun to watch but we got time to talk about that. >> madonna, half time. >> well, we are watching the game. >> okay i am just saying there is something to look forward to. >> what else you got for us. >> how is your husband taking it? >> s to not a happy day. >> working the news and you get to watch the same replays, 80 times. >> i would thing you would get numb to it. >> freezing rain advisory now in effect, and this is
9:33 am
continued now, or extended until 11:00 a.m. this morning includes the district that is the change from a few minutes ago all counties here in pink under a freezing rain advisory until 11:00 a.m., let me add on to that a dense fog advisory for counties in close, until 12 noon visibility less than a quarter mile bottom line not a great morning temperatures very slow to budge they will eventually budge i promise we will have highs mid-40s. a little later this afternoon we got to get there we are waiting for warmer air off to the south and west. updated temperatures, 34 washington 30 gaithersburg, there you go, off to the north and west 94 corridor, temperatures at or below freezing, dulles, martins burg, frederick we got to be concerned for a few more hours for potential for slick spots out there, as ice can quickly develop with freezing fog and light drizzle that falls across the area. >> this front will come in
9:34 am
later, cold front, up towards chicago, trailing the cold front, very severe thunderstorms alabama, they had potential tornadoes this morning this will come waltzing through later. that will bring a round of showers, they will not be terry heavy but as this front moves in temperatures will warm into the 40s. we will get to melt off ice. cloudy skies early freezing rain will give way to afternoon showers, 45 daytime high, 5 to 10 could be an early shower night, clear out overnight not concerned with refreezing temperatures upper 30s to 40s. there is your 5 day forecast, tomorrow beautiful, sunshine, 54 degrees, yeah, that is 10 degrees above where it should be. 47 wednesday, could be more showers thursday, notice temperature trend this week, actually well above normal, not a bad looking forecast for end of january, that is a look at weather tony back to you. >> thank you. millions of americans are living with type 2 diabetes, what if there were a surgery to
9:35 am
wipe outer the disease literally overnight. tvs dr. oz is exploring that in a series called the most under explored, surgery you should be getting. dr. denise bruiner joining us. thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. agastric bypass surgery, obviously people have been doing this to control their weight or lose weight and all that kind of thing but now, what we know, one of the benefits is it reverses type two diabetes. >> i know as astounding as that is within days. because what happens, as the stomach is rerouted, basically, so a hormone that produces hunger is eliminated, also, as parts of the small intestine are bypassed in the surgery, then food gets dumped in an area that produces hormones that make you feel full but
9:36 am
increase sensitivity to hormone insulin. so people do lose weight within days because it is just a smaller pouch you know a smaller container, but, that really did not explain really the reversele of type two diabetes, it was independent of the weight loss. >> do we understand it better now. >> we do now understand appropriate candidates must be selected this is not just i got diabetes i will have gastric bypass you have to fit certain criteria. >> what might that be? >> your weight be about 80 bounds over what it should -- pounds what it should be, body mass index of 35, when you have respiratory problems, sleep apnea for example or a body mass index above 40, which means you are about 100 pounds over weight, alone. and what we see, is when you've had diabetes for 5 years or
9:37 am
less, really, this is really a life changing procedure if you have diabetes more than 10 years, take insulin the outcome isn't as profouncertainly it is improved. >> sill the candidates who are best for this procedure will naturally be over weight candidates, not like anyone else who has type two diabetes can walk in and say i want this. >> right but 80% of type two diabetics are over weight. you have to understand these candidates must be screened appropriately, go through psychological counselling, understand exercise is part of this, understand nutrition is also a part of this, because you can trick that bypass overtime, and what we have to understand too, they have to try in earnest to lose weight with medical management we have medical physician, bariatric physicians who help people
9:38 am
individualize treatment they have to try first and then have failed at that. >> so is this something we are going to start to see happening? do doctors or medical centers have programs in place now are they starting to put them in place to screen people and to advice them on how they might be able to take advantage of this surgery in this way? >> absolutely there are centers of excellence that provide appropriate personnel who help to screen people, help create and post surgery but as a medical physician i follow people a lot after surgery and before to help those who are not candidates to attain a good goal and modify their risk factors for other diseases. >> we have to say, i mean this is still major -- i know there have been changes in the surgery that have made it safer over the years but this is major surgery. >> you better believe it. okay there is inherent risks that suberously the one -- obviously the one risk is death although it is low less than 1%
9:39 am
but that can happen regular complications of surgery like blood clot, infection, pull monoair em boll limp, blood -- earl bollism, blood clots in the legs, there may be a leak around the area of the surgery that can be life threatening there are other thing that is do go on understand it is not something without risk although the risk under careful guidance has been mitigated. >> it is not a quick, easy fix. >> no, not a quick easy fix you have to work with it and continue over a lifetime. >> okay dr. bruiner will be on the dr. oz show later on today, talking more about this if you want to find out more thanks for coming in >> my pleasure thank you. >> alison back to you. up next super star couple calling it quits plus her father stars in a number of comedies but she doesn't want his help with her singing
9:40 am
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super model heidi klume and seal are going separate ways. >> they announced their separation, last night, the couple married in 2005 they have four kids together in a statement they said they have enjoyed 7 great years together and still love each other but they have grown apart. so they are going to separate. >> meantime, this just in, you grow apart. >> seal's new album, soul 2 is
9:44 am
scheduled to be released tomorrow. >> young woman whose father is a well known actor wants to make her own path in life. jim carry's daughter jane wants to be american idol. here is a look at her audition. >> ♪ people are talking, talking about people, i hear them whisper, you won't believe it, they thing we're lovers, maybe they're seeing ♪ >> is that sad i remember when she was a little girl she is 24, a mom and waitress. she got a ticket to hollywood. jennifer lopez said she remembers when jim brought her to the set when she was a little girl. coming up a cute dog with a really sad story look how beautiful that dog is. that dog is looking for a new
9:45 am
home. we will chat with blue ridge boxer rescue about with makes boxers great pets and how to add one in need to your family. >> annie yu has been learning about skating now learning about hockey. she is going to take us to the ice rink for ice skating month, right after the break  the word is swapportunity.
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>> january is national skating month, and ice rinks in the area want you to come out and get in on special dealclasses too. annie is spending the morning at tucker road ice rink, learning more about their hockey classes have you played ice hockey before? >> never played hockey before this is the first time i have put on the gloves and held a stick i am told that a good
9:49 am
pair of skates costs $800, it is a very expensive sport they have a program here, called give it a shot and basically for a small fee you get to get all of the basic equipment and try it out. so how wonderful is that? to tell us more, bobby white here is coach. you hooked me up with the best equipment possible. >> yeah, sure. >> we are going the learn beginner moves, first tell me about the program. >> set up, usa hockey sponsors for kids from 5 to 12, it allows the rink to own all the equipment so kids don't have any upfront costs other than admission to class. >> how much is it? >> $65 for 6 weeks. >> for 6 weeks kids can come out and try it and they like it what is next. >> then they can pursue, start being the house program for youth hockey there is a few in virginia, maryland and waldorf and that will take them around
9:50 am
the course of the local rink. >> we see little guys out there and the the girl, it is open to all ages. >> yep, a few other classes beyond give it a shot that will attend to older ages above 12 everyone is welcome. >> when it comes to playing hockey what are basic moves you will teach us easy moves. >> yeah, just a recap obviously skating is still most important, keeping your head up learning how to fall, get back up. >> you wouldn't think that is hard just skating and keeping your head up i tend to look down at the ground if i am going to fall i will look at what is in front of me let's come over here, you were teaching me basic moves, that are quite difficult, but, i think the little kids can pick it up better than i can. >> first one we were doing basic hockey wise with a little bit of stick handling, side to side, back and forth these are basic mechanics. >> while doing this you have to look up. >> absolutely. >> and this is the equivalent of dribbling a basketball on
9:51 am
the course. so that would be your stick handling from side to side you will do that whenever you have possession of the puck. and then earlier i think we worked on a slap shot. >> so when you are about to hit it what do you do to teach the kids? >> biggest thing, hockey position, nice low bottom, you know where the net is, where an opponent might be, and then right again before you take the shot you want your eye on the puck. eye on baseball. >> my hand is okay. >> nice, grip, arms straight, so you can put a lot of force into is stick and then a big wind mill. >> if i don't make this i will cry. >> i didn't make it. >> hold on. >> we get to try again. >> bend your knees. >> nicely done. >> thank you very much. come out and have all the fun bumper cars, on ice, figure skating, classes for adults and kids and this program give it a
9:52 am
shot check out for details back to you. >> all right annie thank you. look at sully. it is that time of the week we feature pets available for adoption at area shelters this week, we are introducing you to a boxer in need of a forever home, and we don't have a shelter today we have a rescue different we will talk about that let's talk about boxers they are powerful, athletic dogs with an intelligent and alert personality and make super companions, joining us now, foster parents, volunteers, tie roan and jennifer page. welcome back to the show. >> thank you. >> happy new year. we are looking at sully it wasn't where i was going to start but let's talk about sully because this is a champion. tell us about sully's personality and give us the background on his story too. >> sully came to the rescue he was found wandering the streets, actually from north carolina, he had an embedded
9:53 am
collar in his throat which has been healed since he has been with the rescue we were able to save him he is about 4 years old from what we can tell, he has a unique look which is one blue eye and one brown eye a little bit of a crooked smile, his tongue hangs out he has had a rough life and. as well. >> yes, that is an important thing he is special needs it will take a special person to be able to adopt him he is learning hand signs with his foster dad that has experience with deaf dogs he is really getting the hang of it and just a lover he would be a great addition to anyone's home. >> i read in his pet bio, if you will, it is so true he has ever reason to resent humans but he just doesn't do that. i can tell by the way he is loving up on you. >> yeah, he is a great dog i mean he is a big ham. lay on your lap if you will let him. >> we were talking earlier i
9:54 am
don't mean to exploit him you can see he still has the scarring, from where that -- was it a chain. it was too small and therefore in his neck that is animal abuse let's be clear about that i don't care what the deal is man if you have room if your home for sully wouldn't that be great? but again, he you know has some special needs but all the love he has given you please that is good pay back. >> that is a great pay off. >> tell us about -- we said that you all are from blue ridge boxer rescue, different from shelter you deal with boxer breed only can you tell us. >> we deal primarily with boxer breed and the shelters have become because it is a very popular breed they have become over run with boxers. >> more people are interested and whatever reason. >> yes. i mean, there is a lot to learn about the breed they are very excitable it is good to know that going in, they are going to be in puppy hood for quite
9:55 am
awhile. but they -- the rescue has saved over 1600 boxers in the nine years they have been around. they are nonprofit, we rely solely on donations from the community, we are completely foster based rescue so we pull from shelters they go into homes we want them around love, kids, cats, other pets, we want them ready for their forever home we are looking for foster homes where they are desperately needed to continue to save these dogs. >> my best friend had a boxer named catches, cassius. these are really good dogs sully i know you can't hear me i hope you get a good home we will be right back [ male anno] for some reason
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time for thence tore today's trivia question, we asked what part to have body is the bradock device used to measure. >> the foot. >> that thing at the shoe store. >> that's right it is that device in shoe stores. >> that they used to have them at hahn shoe. >> you find out your foot has gotten bigger >> you put your foot in it. >> that is cool. >> that is what it is. >> 5 day forecast. >> size 18. >> there is a live shot, fog, dense fog advisory, until 12 noon, we've got,. >> what is going on. >> freezing rain advisory. >> let me get my weather ap. >> alison, that is insulting. >> 45 this afternoon, warmer, later today, get rid of the ice, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures above normal, 54 or


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